Q Water Extreme

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Our Q-Water Extreme Filtration Station for Rescue Teams will be showcased at the International Inventions Fair of Middle-East in Koweit from January 28 to 31, 2018, this show is sponsored by his Highness the Emir of Kuwait and in close connection with the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva. Link Koweit Fair : https://www.iifme.com/

Q-Water Extreme water filtration station was invented by a member of our association.
The Q-Water Extreme station received a gold medal at the Salon des inventions 2016 in Geneva.

QuantaWaterGen is a non-profit Organization whose mission is to develop new technological solutions in compliance with a code of ethics, humanistic and environmental.


Our research and actions are focus on Water solution's, is and becoming increasingly a major issue for future generations, as well as energy.


Our association also wants to carry out humanitarian operations, particularly for access solutions to drinking water in disadvantaged areas of the world, these operations depend of the financial resources of the association and donations. These actions will be undertaken voluntarily by our members experts in water treatment systems.

See the Visions & Missions page for more details

Water is not necessary to life,
She IS the life
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
QuantaWatergen is a Swiss non-profit association recognized of public utility.
Your donations are tax-deductible (see the legislation in force for each country).

All interested people to participate in our activities or simply to support
can contact us at the following email address: 
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Account Nr : 14-433262-4
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The share of Hummingbird

A huge fire destroyed the jungle.
Terrified, the animals flee in all directions.
Only a hummingbird tirelessly made the return of the river to the blaze,
a tiny drop of water in its beak for the deposit on the fire.
A toucan with enormous noze tell him:

"You're crazy, hummingbird, you can see that it is useless."
"Yes, I know" answer the hummingbird, "but I'm doing my part" ...

With our association, we will together try to do "our part" and more there
will have of drops-members, more our actions will be effective ...